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Culture and Locations

Brrutt is a tribal confederation. It is ruled by a zhadas chieftain who acts as both a king and a warlord and has other warlords beneath him, with Sunkhu shamans to advise their rule and keep everyone in touch with their ancestors. Sunkhu shamanism emphasises that everyone must atone for the wrongdoings of their ancestors by bringing honour and glory to their clans and keeping bad spirits at bay. Brruttuu are very traditional people, trying to stay away from conflicts near the archroad and preferring a lifestyle of reverence, meditation, and spirituality. Their capital is Nubundul.

Brrutt's lands are a mix of temperate grasslands to the west near the Great Mancisa Plains, arid shrubland to the south where the Adenen River borders Incidu and Njidittu, and dry grassland to the west, near the Amber Mountains.

Demonym: Brruttu, Brruttuu

Population: 650,000

  • Brrutt (BR~UHTH)
    • Nubundul (NUH-BUHN-DUHL), capital, 20,000
    • Dimaci (DEE-MƏ-'EE), 10,000

History and Relations

Brrutt mostly constitutes leftover clans from the Dunian Empire which ended in 700AL. Their neighbouring clans then lost the archroad to invading Oolu forces in 700AL, which caused the clans to form a confederation, and the Brruttuu helped their neighbours take back the archroad back from Oolu around 850AL. The people are native Batur. They are friendly with Njidittu and Incidu, are neutral with Yeves, and are tense with Bymir and Utyq. They mainly export hide, horses, and wool.

Military and Art

Brruttuu have typically utilised medium cavalry in warfare, preferring unexpected and demoralising brutality to shock enemies into not aggravating them. Architecture typically uses the dzong style, and great stone statues are found everywhere. They commonly partake in drinking and weaving.