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Culture and Locations

Khandar is a coastal city-state with a low level king called a raqu. Its official religion is Pakorra, which promotes a balanced approach toward the mind and the body being in equilibrium. Khandare believe in attaining power in this way. Their capital is Rhusomi.

Khandar's shores are temperate grassland with subtropical rainforest inland and montane forest up the roots of the Great Opal Ranges. Mount Simemazha overlooks this area. The Khandar Coast makes up the shoreline here, giving access to the Sea of Ash.

Demonym: Khandara, Khandare

Population: 900,000

  • Khandar (KHANG-DAR)
    • Rhusomi (RUU-SUU-MIH), capital, 24,000
    • Morin (MUU-RIHNG), 12,000

History and Relations

Khandar was a part of the ancient Mintar Kingdom during the Grey Era, and became independent from it after it became the Mintar Empire around 300BD. As the land is poor at best, and the Oolu Empire already has access to the Sea of Ash, it has not really been seen as worth conquering ever since. Ethnic groups in Khandar are mostly from Oolu and Teman. They are distrusting toward Mintar, enslave the Runus, and are competitive with Qusa. They mainly export slaves. Ashen folk are rare here.

Military and Artforms

Khandare utilise very strong garrisons to protect against any pressure from the Oolu Empire, focussing on a heavy defence with high walls to keep foes away. Common architectural features include domes and wind-catchers, and athleticism is a common artform.