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Monsters in Riiga go by many names. In Benevis they are called monsters, fiends, demons, and sometimes beasts. The Eber call them sisral, which means "from the deep". The Oolu call them mhukur, "people-killers", or qime, "unnatural". Yvabirans call them anomyara, "anomaly", or kinas, "murderers". The Dunin call them curiq, meaning "disturbing ones". Temaneans call them Yuo Mosu, "end of man". Vamans call them mahar, "demons". Remdorians call them horrors or demons. Other cultures have other names for them as well, but the only thing that unites all these descriptions is that monsters match a set of conditions.


A monster in Riiga is something that matches the following conditions:

  • It is not part of the natural order. Monsters show no consideration for fauna and flora.
  • It cannot breed. Monsters are made by other beings, not a result of mating.