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Culture and Locations

Regyland is ruled by a king and has the Red Temple (Arngosian Creed) as its state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that the Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. Regylanders are tenacious and stubborn, and are known for having steely resolves when challenged. Their capital city is Arwharn.

Regyland is entirely temperate. The river Tundat flows through Arwharn, and the southern end gives a view of the Ellecil channel between Regyland and Laviscon.

Demonym: Regylander, Regylanders

Population: 2,500,000

  • Regyland Kingdom
    • Arwharn, capital, 40,000

History and Relations

The kingdom has been the heart of ancient Benevan culture for around 2000 years, and was formed in its modern state after the Benevis Empire broke apart in 550AL after the assassination of Emperor Halartus Benevarus. Almost all people in Regyland are Nor. As with Granland, Regyland has a tense history with Umberia, and they use their small section of ancient Xilou road to bargain with Umberia in order to appease them and keep the peace. They are interested in the Leren Alliance. Regyland mainly exports timber and Vastin Yellow pigment.

Military and Art

Regylander soldiers are known for heavy shields and heavy infantry, preferring to historically use defensive tactics to hold their land against invaders, rather than making any brash moves to aggravate Umberia. Common architectural features include pragmatic structures and sturdy walls, and their main artform is tournaments of heavily armoured participants.