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Gods and Divine Beings

Within Riiga, there are many figures and beings that can be considered gods or god-like entities. These beings can be divided into several categories from the standard human viewpoint:

  • Gods: Forganad, Nikina, and Garukavar are all considered to be supreme entitites. Gods are never limited to a single physical body, are generally omnipresent and omnipotent, though Forganad is believed to have power over the other two gods.
  • Hireos or Odanon: Descendants of Nikina. All Hireos except the Hero-born are immortal and cannot be killed.
    • Greater Hireos: Also known as the Viyar. Though inferior to the gods in terms of sheer power and force, they too are not limited to dwelling within a single physical body, and are considered to keep themselves hidden and not directly interfere with mortal affairs.
    • Lesser Hireos: Also known simply as Hireos. Lesser in power and authority than the Viyar, Hireos are descended from Ilertav or Leuvana. They are inhuman, often beast-like in appearance, and do not mix with humans.
    • Human Hireos: Also known as the Hero-born. They include any powerful humans descended from Lord Renin's son, Ernamin, and with the exclusion of Renin himself, are human enough to be mortal and die of very old age or in battle. As such, most Hero-born are dead.
  • Odanon: Descendants of Garukavar. All Odanon except the Tempalis are immortal and cannot be killed.
    • Greater Odanon: Also known as Endon. Like the Viyar, they are inferior to gods, but unlike the Viyar, it is believed that the Endon are limited to having a single body and dwelling in it.
    • Lesser Odanon: Known simply as Odanon. They are less powerful than Endon and generally appear as animal-like as Hireos, though even more inhuman and monstrous. Most Odanon are leaders of races, factions, or command lesser Tempalis beings.
    • Mortal Odanon: Also known as Tempalis. They interfere directly and indirectly with the affairs of other mortals and are the superiors of the Templars.

Below is a table listing all the variations of deity names from the perspective of humans. Note that Cullushin, Sirins, and Modeoa do not appear to have any beliefs in gods or immortal or supernatural beings. In addition to this, it is known that the Gruitin worship certain beings, but too little is known about their culture, and nothing has been recorded or discovered. Humans themselves are quite divided about who to worship and revere as the ideal deities.