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Mages are weaponised in Benevis, Seleru, Temanea, Qarbak, and Vaman. It mainly involves destructive projectiles.

Magical artifacts are rare, as the only ones capable of dealing significant damage are relics found in Archaios. Enchanting is not understood very well.

Ritual casting is sometimes utilised.

Common imbuements on artillery projectiles include:

  • Engulf - encase projectile in element.
  • Force - increase momentum of projectile.
  • Telekinesis - alter trajectory of projectile.
  • Disease - inflict organic projectile with plague/disease.
  • Affix - projectile attracted to human targets.
  • Sanctification - imbue weapon with holy power if fighting monsters.
  • Vibration - to crumble and dislodge fortifications.
  • A "trapped" imbued projectile with a force-trigger, rather than an instant effect.


  • Giant trebuchet - loaded by beasts of burden, up to 1km range (warwolf).
  • Large animals.
  • Leoknights - to drop bombs.
  • Fire ox - an ox mounted with spears and an incendiary on its back.

Gunpowder & Incendiary

  • Cannons - found very rarely in Vaman and Temanea. They are very expensive.
    • Because Vaman and Temanean defensive walls tend to be more than 5 meters thick, filled with packed earth, and sloped, large cannons aren't useful.
  • Barbed fireballs - a burning projectile with barbed hooks.
  • Molten metal bomb - ceramic container filled with molten metal from a mobile furnace.
  • "Greek" flamethrower - burning petrol launcher.
  • Gas bomb - poison, lime, acid, or excrement filled bombs.
  • Fire arrows - used mineral oil or sulphur to burn.

Siege Engines

  • Siege tower.
  • Catapult.
  • Battering ram.
  • Onager - medium catapult.
  • Counterweight trebuchet - immobile artillery with massive range.
  • Mangonel - large catapult.
  • Ballista - medium to large mounted crossbow.
  • Polybolos - small repeating ballista.
  • Scorpion - small mounted crossbow.
  • Floating arm trebuchet - improved but smaller trebuchet design.
  • Whirlwind trebuchet - uses single vertical pole for 360 degree range but less power.
  • Grounded whirlwind - uses four feet for increased stability and size. Increasing arm quantity increases power and size load.

  • White phos equivalent