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One of the newest maps of Riiga from the Ambelian Academy in Margon. For other maps, visit World Maps.

Riiga is a large fantasy world with realistic geography, a wide number of varied cultures with around 4000 years of known history, and numerous mythologies and stories of what happened in Riiga's prehistoric past. It has mysterious gigantic ruins called Archaios, beneath which lie lost networks of potentially artifact- and monster-filled corridors and chambers. Much of the western world experiences Black Storms, which are remnants of a world-changing event called The Darkness and leave behind magical aetherite crystals in the wake of their destruction.

Magic in Riiga is drawn from the invisible atmosphere of aether called the tolus, which flows in large shifting channels called cannas around the world. Magic-wielders connect through the use of venas, and willpower converts the aether into magic. But aether's ultimate source is a mystery to the mages of Riiga. The realm of Adumbra adds additional layers of complexity to the understanding of magic.

From the Red Temple of Benevis which houses an avatar of an actual god, to the desert mystics and holy god-chosen leaders of Seleru, to the heroic nomadic horsemen and divine shamans of Batur, to the sophisticated and spiritual golden kingdoms of Temanea, to the immortal emperor and merchant lords surrounding the Sea of Lions in arid Qarbak, to the beast-taming druids and monster-slaying warriors of Yvatshun, to the elite horned knights and secular kingdoms of Vaman, to the most long-lived god-kings of the ancient jungle empire of Into, Riiga has potential for a colossal number of tales and stories.

Unless explicitly stated, the contents of every article are written from the point of view of educated humans around the year 1000AL. The viewpoints of the Kingdoms of Benevis dominate this wiki.

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Riiga is a fictional world that has been created by Treijim (myself) and Xennavor (my brother). It was started in early 2001. Having previously made up numerous fantasy worlds throughout our childhood, we decided we needed one we could share with the world, as the last world was more of a personal project of ours. Riiga, though mostly our creation, has also had input from friends of mine, and it is also where pretty much all of my stories take place. You can read about the story of its creation here.

Updates 9/2022