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Culture and Locations

Curin is ruled by a king and has the Red Temple (Prielic Creed) as its state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that the Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. People of Curin are resourceful and celebrate a hopeful attitude. Their capital city is Hadreseen.

Curin is entirely temperate. It has a view small islands around. The river Vervys flows through Hadreseen.

Demonym: Curinian, Curinians

Population: 2,800,000

  • Curin Kingdom
    • Hadreseen, capital, 42,000

History and Relations

The kingdom has been the heart of ancient Benevan culture for around 2000 years, and was formed in its modern state after the Benevis Empire broke apart in 550AL after the assassination of Emperor Halartus Benevarus. The people of Curin are a mix of ethnic groups from Nor and raiders from Yvabiran people to the east. As with Granland, Curin has a tense history with Umberia, and they make the most of not being physically connected to Umberia to stay out of matters as much as possible. Sometimes they call on the Leren Alliance for assistance, as Curin often suffers from economic depressions. Additionally, Umberians tend to act in derogatory ways toward people from Curin, being that they are visually distinct from everyone else in Nor. Curin mainly exports wool.

Military and Art

Curin mainly employs the use of pirates and naval patrols to protect their island, preferring to keep enemies away from their landmass rather than fight invaders on land. Common architectural features include sea forts and repurposed ruins, and their main artform is to hold festivals of hope to lift the spirits of the people.