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The following is a list of hereditary characteristics, which are therefore distinct from Ilborn conditions. Traits that work the same way they do on Earth (freckles, epicanthic folds, etc.) are not listed here.

Eye Circles

Periorbital hyperpigmentation is darker skin around the eyes. Pronounced darkness is frequently found among Oolu, Qarara and Mintar groups, and softer/lighter eye circles can be found among Seleru, Simbean, and some Hanjare peoples. There are also reddish eye circles found among Mearan people. These red circles seem to be recessive, so the people of the Islands of Night go to effort to protect this trait against the dominant features of the surrounding Teman peoples.

Pointed Ears

There are two distinct varieties of pointed ears in Riiga. The shorter of the two are simply an elongation of the helix, usually no more than an inch in additional length, but the ear is otherwise normal in structure. This is common among Batur and Yyele peoples. The longer of the two are found among Alatian people, and not only is the elongation more pronounced and pointy (up to two inches) but the ears stick out more to the sides, and the antihelix has a third crus. Having more horizontally aligned ears is seen as attractive in this region. Despite this, people with elongated or pointed ears don't seem to have distinctly different hearing ability to those without such ears.


Frontonasal hyperpigmentation or duskbrow is a name given to a facial feature common among Hadakri people. It is a darkening of the forehead and down the nose, covering the glabella, radix, and nasal bridge and tip. Sometimes the darkening also covers the outer surfaces of the ala, and sometimes the darkening is much less pronounced on the forehead and instead is primarily visible across the aforementioned nasal areas. Due to the number of Hadakri slaves being taken across to eastern Qarbak, the trait has begun to spread into this region.

Keid Arm

Keid-arm, or pzenarm, is the name for a trait that is thought to have come from the Keid of Jindiara. Pzenarm is a hyperpigmentation of a dark brownish or greenish hue of the forearms and sometimes the lower legs, and is found among Ashkri people, especially those who live closer to the Pzenkarl Basin.

Tricolour Eyes

Radiosectoral heterochromia is a trait where the eye has three colours in concentric rings. The innermost ring is reddish-brown, the middle ring is green, and the outermost ring is blue-grey. It seems to be a recessive trait, and is exclusively associated with Simbeans. There is history of discrimination against people with tricolour eyes in surrounding regions.