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A list of all ideas that have no article, mostly acquired from the Discord Riiga chat and my own brainstorming and research.

Giant Bees

Very large bees, but they live in giant rock formations similar to ant/termite nests.


Instruments and compositional methods of cultures of Riiga.

Disease - Petra

Thought of an idea for a disease ill call it "Petra" for now its open to change, the disease is deadly. It starts off with a rash that can extend to the whole body, the rash then turns necrotic, then the skin and flesh underneath starts to harden and turn almost stone like, after the flesh turns hard/stone like within a week it begins the crumble and turn to dust thus if the disease spreads through the body it leads to death. i haven't thought of methods or rates of transmission yet, or how it spreads through the body, nor any sort of cures.

Neutral Border Town

Are there any really large bridges in Riiga ? like one that crosses a border or something, I was thinking of an idea where there was this bridge that crossed a large border river, but the river is not controlled by either of the countries, and the bridge is absolutely full of markets and merchants that use the border bridge to sell items but because its not controlled by the country there is no tax so its all Duty free sales on the bridge, and the merchants live on their boat houses or whatever under the bridge and climb up to the bridge. or even something like a bridge city/town that uses both its height and length.

Magic Affinity

What about affinities ? where some people can cast certain elements or types of magic better than others and it could be passed down genetically. i was thinking that it could even be a way to identify a certain group like say "X royal family" has an affinity for lightning and cultivates that talent or whatever could be an identifier of culture or smth or maybe with the affinity of say lightning again their lightning is coloured so it can be identified as well almost like a royal seal but deadly. thought it could be an interesting idea if fleshed out a bit.

Glowing Monsters

Bio-luminescent monsters.

Ancient Artifact Ideas

turin shroud, excalibur, ark of covenant, thor's hammer, joyeuse, dead sea scrolls, king tut's death mask, hireos bones, symbol of war victory; stone of scone, faberge eggs, instruments, royal gifts, magic charms, rosetta stone; manamorian, nikina's chain link, holy grail, true cross, ancient mayan calendar; future, crowns, rings, mead of poetry, pieces of a mystic staff.

Magic-Hardened Material

Thoughts on a metal/material that hardens when magic is poured into it ? would be interesting for armour, to have a soft armour that you can wear comfortably when marching and that can go hard when in battle. perhaps even something similar to liquid kevlar that hardens when hit with kinetic energy. so what i am talking about isn't slime but a liquid that pretty much changes viscosity due to pressure, and so it is put into say leather armour for ease of movement, so the leather armour can stop any sort of slow or low pressure attacks like it should, but large swings and but out a bunch of kinetic energy causes the armour to harden to the level of steel on impact thus allowing both the maneuverability of leather armour and the protection of plate. it would be funny if it had a major weakness too, like the liquid is really flammable.

Floating Island Notes

main problems:

  • drag created by atmosphere causes any orbit to decay resulting in possible collisions
  • atmospheric density at high altitudes
  • trees generally won't grow higher than 4km above sea level
  • tectonic instability of one huge piece of huge with no support
  • would weigh a ridiculous amount
  • reliable water source is a huge concern
  • what stops its height from fluctuating?
  • would need a gyroscope to not rotate randomly and remain level
  • island would eventually become depleted of nutrients

requirements for being airborne:

  • a substance lighter than air: methane, hydrogen, or helium
  • a membrane to contain the substance which is impermeable to gases
  • a material strong enough to resist the differences in pressure

brainstormed ideas:

  • the main body of island needs pockets of a really light material
  • a fungus lives in airtight rock pockets that has a byproduct lighter than air
  • ethereal magnetism holds it in placea, acting like a gyroscope
  • 1.1kg of stone requires 1m3 of hydrogen (that's a lot of gas)

possible formation process of pieces of land that could become floating:

  • a rock made of carbon nanotubes imprisons bubbles of very hot air under very high pressure inside the mantle
  • bubbles are anywhere from mm to m in diameter
  • as bubbles rise they cool and the carbon-based material solidifies, imprisoning the gases
  • as the gases cool the bubble becomes a void, collecting ammonia-rich materials (how?)
  • unfinished process

another idea:

  • use an organism that heals erosion/crumbling damage of the island and inflates gas bladders inside it
  • organism produces hydrogen
  • organism requires C02, water, calcium (from sea air), and photosynthesis for energy
  • forms coral-like calcium carbonate structures filled with hydrogen bubbles
  • island is mostly flat to maximise photosynthesis
  • island contains large cavernous hydrogen pockets formed by decaying calcium
  • any people living on it must maximise greenery coverage, control all fire outbreaks, never drill into the island, and maintain balance of island to avoid it tipping
  • unfinished

Monster Repellents

i was thinking in regards to protection of highways from monsters and such. if there was a plant or a tree that repelled monsters or dangerous animals whether it is a smell only those with a more sensitive nose can smell or something else that they would be planted alongside some highways obviously with gaps so that the animals can still migrate or run away when they need to. or a human created object like a device that emits sound/smell or magic to repel monsters/animals from attacking travellers/cargo wagons on highways. in regards to the actual question if those ideas are not plausible what kind of protection is available on highways other than just hiring a guard/s.


What kind of mechanical devices can People in Riiga build?

Wolf Riders



Do slimes exist in Riiga ? just thinkin of making a character thats an intelligent slime that can take human form. basically just Riigan Rimuru tempest. like living cave molds that scavenge or ambush prey. i'm also curious about locomotive means. jellyfish rely on water and become useless on dry land. What if Riiga's potential slimes can't handle light? gastropods can also be an inspiration, creatures like snails and slugs and such. they're basically a slimy muscular foot with organs. i guess the biggest problem with a realistic interpretation of slimes is that they're typically amorphous, whereas no life on earth is amorphous. that's a big hurdle. i sort of imagine their bodies acting as a non-newtonian fluid. but i didn't do fluid dynamics in uni so i couldn't tell you how that mechanically might work. i imagine that if each cell can move relative to each other, then they'd probably roll over each other. and you'd get this mexican wave looking roll going. pretend to be ground cover, lying just under a layer of leaves or sand.

if it's a heap of fluid cells, it sounds like it wouldn't be strong enough to lift itself up for longer than short bursts of momentum. im still kind of interested in making slimes a bit more fearsome that they're usually portrayed, it'd be interesting that the slimes have a pretty toxic acid towards metal/ organic materials, making fighting them a pain in the ass if you dont hit their core/kill them in one hit. like if you miss you basically sacrifice your weapon cause it melts. perhaps there are oils designed to eliminate/reduce this effect or even specific types of metals/alloys.

there are so many ideas for slime creatures. slug-like slimes, jellyfish-like slimes, plant-like slimes, magic slimes, monstrous slimes ... and they would all need to work in different ways. like the slug ones would need very damp environments, and the jellyfish ones might actually live in water. plant ones would be more akin to carnivorous plants. magic and monster types are easiest to make work. i'm wondering now how biological symmetry works for slimes. most biological creatures have some sort of plane of symmetry to them, like this. a radial slime could act like a starfish, closing upward like a trap. a core might work if it acts as the middle for a radial layout which is extremely flexible and versatile, like an octopus but not bilateral. i think for it to be amorphous or asymmetrical, it would have to be somehow optimal for its existence, since i think the only fully asymmetrical organism is the sea sponge. By the way, Sentient slimes can be a Manamorian experiment (gone wrong maybe).


What pets are available in a Riiga pet shop?

Smoke Magic

some trails of thought: stealth, intimidation, suffocation, abrasion/corrosion, burning, denser smoke, etc. on a more serious note, any sort of particle in the air, smoke, sawdust, even flour, is incredibly combustible which could be used as a way to 'boost' magic in a more real world sense. You can use it as a form of pest control ala an early form of fumigation. Might be useful for clearing an underground/compact enemy force. manipulating the smoke to make a clone/decoy/fake seems useful ?? using it to effect the oppositions eyes. suffocation obviously. Tactically speaking you can smoke out a battlefield/building/fortress similar to launching plague cows over walls. mental attacks ie: using the decoys as previously mentioned whilst in thick fog to fuck with people. if the smoke can be hot like steam perhaps scalding/burning people inside or outside. BONUS: can be used to make signals like normal fire except you can do more detailed signals for communication. could work as debuff magic. or somehow uses smoke like spiders can use web to probe out where people are. with enough smoke thunderstorms can also be created as we have seen personally. if you've ever seen the inside of a smokers house you can see a lot of erosion/decay/mold going on. might just be due to the chemicals in the cigarettes i cbf doing the research but if it is close enough. you could use smoke to erode stuff. imagine a town-sized avalanche of smoke boiling away at 130 degrees moving as fast as the wind, getting into every crack and crevice in every building and person.

Inspiration for History of Medicine

Red People

A remote race of people who have red skin.

Paris Catacombs

Gotta put something like this in somewhere.

Ancient Giants

Who doesn't love a land where giants once dwelt long ago?

Nahal Mishmar Inspiration

Zombie Plant

Another interesting idea that is half of what you mentioned and half its own thing is a field of carnivorous plants that uses its beauty and pheromones to attract people to the field and starts eating them the first person eaten becomes the main body of the plant and everyone else after becomes like a Thrall/zombie, the plants then send the thralls around the world covered in the flowers spreading the smell and attracting more food/people to eat/enthrall.

Cistercian Order

Might be inspiring.


A land long gone, consumed by miles of mud.

Bleach Something

priest dunk head in chemical foe bleach hair eyes < not sure what this means but it's in my notes.

Antlered Race

Heck yeah.

Flooded Kingdom

Heck yeah.

Super Ancient Items

  • 500,000,000 fossils
  • 230,000,000 amber
  • 2,700,000 ice
  • 1,000,000 shaped gem
  • 700,000 obsidian tools
  • 250,000 oldest carved stone
  • 200,000 stalactite
  • 100,000 human bone, shell
  • 45,000 haematite/iron ore
  • 40,000 ivory
  • 30,000 ceramics, teeth
  • 6600 gold treasure
  • 5500 copper treasure
  • 4000 glass
  • 2000 nazca lines

Ruling Gods

A people who believed actual gods used to rule over their ancestors.

More Flying Mounts


Land Mounts

Gotta come up with some.

More Monster Ideas

Anglerfish, mythical beasts inspired by interpretations of skeletal remains or fossils, bat-orcs, tisibikao region fish poison ash water, sea of worms/eels

White Lands

A land with white soil and stone and white trees, grass, and flowers

Religious Influence

Real religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam had massive influences across cultures over history. What are the Riigan equivalents?

Armour Types

Come up with new types of armour. Use something like Morrowind as inspiration.

Underwater Forest

Complete with "trees" and "stars".


Underwater antihuman race like mermen, see pics with Artimijs.