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Culture and Locations

The island of Leulan is mostly governed by a Chief Follower. Their culture is deeply intertwined with the Leisatru religion, which dictates that humans are at the mercy of gods and nature. It is the only place in Riiga where the Leisatru religion is openly followed. They believe strongly that offerings to the gods are a core part of life, and that not doing so will make the gods angry. They have no cities and do not trade with outsiders.

Leulan is entirely tundra.

History and Relations

It's believed that the first to arrive on these islands did so around 700BD and came from the Sur Vastin people of the Age of the Sun. They are isolationists and their islands do not hold anything that other civilisations deem to be worth conquering.

Military and Art

Leulanders are guarded by protector-priests, religious warriors who are trained to ward away evil spirits and wild beasts alike. They also keep peace among Leulander settlements and can perform rituals. Architecture is mostly vernacular and comprises of sod earthen homes, with henges being commonly used. Their main artforms are singing and chanting.