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Culture and Locations

Masakana is a city-state positioned between the Oolu Empire, Huirnon, and the Vastin Kingdom. Its official religion is Pakorra, which promotes a balanced approach toward the mind and the body being in equilibrium. Masakane believe that their mission in life is to become mighty, both as individuals and as a united people. Their capital is Aswaun.

Masakana is mostly dry grassland, having its southern end included in the Khayen Lowlands, but it has some temperate areas closer to Riel Lake. Its northern border is dictated by the Maslaq River. The Kernedu flows from the Khatsanaras to the northeast and through the capital of Aswaun. Masakana also has some access in the south to the Shard Sea.

Demonym: Masakanan, Masakane

Population: 2,800,000

  • Masakana (MA-ZA-KA-NGA)
    • Aswaun (AZ-HWAN, capital, 42,000
    • Khaqlio (KHAK-LIH-UU), 20,000
    • Qesinar (KEH-ZIH-NGAR), 16,000

History and Relations

Masakana only separated from the Oolu Empire around 900AL, which was incited by the Vastin Kingdom, who promised to support Masakana if they declared independence. This is a similar occurrence to when Oolu incited Yaele to separate from Vastin. Major ethnic groups here are primarily Oolu and Nor. They mostly export grain.

Military and Art

The Masakane lack the numbers of the surrounding kingdoms so they opt for elite heavy cavalry to be the face of their forces, trampling their foes and displaying might with their powerful steeds and armoured riders. Common architectural features include octagonal domes and colonnades, and common artforms include military parades and festivals of food and drink.