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Odanon are demigods similar in power to Hireos and lower than Endon, but are usually descended from Votorin. They are often more monstrous in appearance than Hireos, and will directly interfere with mortal affairs, often through the order of the Antemplars.

The Black Dragon Panodra.


Oddly referred to only as "He", he is a mysterious and powerful being who has command over Toryalnor. He is invisible to the naked eye, makes no sound, and dwells always in full shadow. It's believed that in order to have a presence in the surface world of Riiga, Votorin uses the entity called He to directly interact with Toryalnor and, by extension, the other Odanon and Antemplars. Others suspect He is merely the source of Antemplar corruption rather than the manifested will of Votorin himself.


One of the most known among the Odanon, Toryalnor, or the Lord of Devils, Shadow Lord, or Demon Lord, is seen as a sort of lesser version of Votorin. He is a war general demigod who can create monsters by wielding a power of unknown origin and potential called the First Breath. He is also known to have taken on human disguises to infiltrate and try to break apart human kingdoms from within. It is said that in his true form, his aura is so dreadful that mortals who come near to him collapse in despair.


One of the most horrifying and colossal beings ever witnessed, Murluron -- also known as the Black Whale -- is the entity responsible for the majority of the atrocities during The Darkness, bringing black storms with him as he flew across half the land, ending entire civilisations with his immense power while monsters coordinated with his assaults.


Also known as the Black Demon, Bartyl is a being of shadow and cunning and is known to infiltrate human institutions to recruit members into the Antemplar order, often manipulating knowledge or using mind-altering magic to capture or exploit them.


Also known as the Black Dragon, she is normally a woman wreathed in darkness but can take the form of an enormous lizard with wings large enough to cover half the sky, able to breathe fire into cities to incinerate them.