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Progoran People

The Progoran people are a wide variety of tribes and larger societies. They are the remnants of when then Inoti Tlarate broke apart, those who dwell in the southeastern tropics of Suribia. They range from the Tsachuni people north of the Sepriki Sea, those on the Jade Islands and Mafashran Island, the Xhade of Lesser Progora, the Sarshi of Sarshran, the Sepriki of Greater Progora, the Azichli of Azichlran, and the Axhykeli of Axhykelran.


Over time, various Progoran tribal groups have invaded Gnaisor and settled there, enforcing their culture and mixing with other local ways, and vice versa; the Gnaisor who once came from Progora have gone south to invade their own ancestors. Progorans also deny the fact that they all came from the Inoti Tlarate long ago; they distinguish themselves from those from tlarates by remaining divided in smaller groups, rather than joining under one ruler. They see powerful rulers as corrupt and evil, opting for councils of elders and tribal communities instead. It is primarily for these reasons that Progorans are seen as primitive and savage, with no respect for their roots. Despite this, Progorans did actually introduce coinage to Remdor, and also brought civilisation to most of Arason, Gnaisor, Scarcun, and Vyrda. In fact, the majority of Remdor has been under Progoran or Ngaran influence (aside from the mystic kings) since the Amethyst Wars of ancient times, right up until the Lyte War almost three hundred years ago.


Progorans are less violent than their neighbours in Ngara. They enjoy trade and making friends, albeit at high costs at times. They often have black hair and green-blue eyes, and have the darkest skin of any people in Suribia. Since the arrival of the shadow kings, Progora has shown no interest in making enemies with anybody. They mostly stick to their various islands and jungles and are believed to have been broken up into even smaller, more chaotic groups of changing tribes and peoples, without any interest in becoming united.