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Culture and Locations

Qusa is a civilisation on the coast of the Sea of Ash. They are at the end of the Karber archroad. Their religion is Farhi Bhara, which allows for worship of any deity from a pantheon, though their tends to be a favourite with every new governor who comes into power. The favourite of the ruler of Qusa is Kadatu, the god of storms and fortune. The people of Qusa are seen as self-righteous. Their capital is Tjynas.

Qusa's shores are mostly subtropical forest with savanna and some semiarid desert inland. The eastern coast gives access to the Sea of Ash and Bay of the Dead. The River Riresar flows through Tjynas. The Birfi Islands lie off the south coast of Qusa.

Demonym: Qusa, Qusaii

Population: 1,000,000

  • Qusa (KUU-ZA)
    • Tjynas (DH-VNG-AZ), capital, 25,000
    • Qaburmo (KA-BƏR-MUU), 12,500
    • Shamur (ZA-MUUR), 10,000

History and Relations

Qusa became consolidated around 800AL after the Oolu Empire gave the smaller disorganised cities weapons and means to travel across the Sea of Ash to Jindiara to capture slaves for them. Qusa has since built up much of its wealth in this manner. The people here are from the ancient Qarara ethnic group. They are friendly with Oolu, competitive with Khandar, cooperative with Kobhufi, have conflict with the Qaron clans, and have strong influence over the Dafrasi in Jindiara. They mainly export wildlife and slaves.

Military and Art

Qusaii forces tend to be made up of expendable slave armies, throwing people at enemies to overwhelm them and have them deal with the mess. The vast majority of these slaves are taken from Jindiara. Common architectural features include domes and relief sculptures, and common artforms include ivory sculpting and utilising khakankun bones as decoration.