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Go here for Vaman culture. For a visual timeline of Riigan history, go here. The following page describes the largest power in the respective areas at the time. Some gaps and overlaps occur, and many ancient dates are estimates.


Most Vamans will say that their land has no mythology, and that whatever gods created it have long since abandoned it.

Akanism says Olayin Yetun exists outside time and space, and is responsible for the creation of all existence. Olayin Yetun made Riiga and set all things in motion, and then sat back and watched with uncaring eyes from a distance. Occasionally a single flake of his skin or a strand of his hair fell into Riiga and becomes a Hireos king for the people to follow called a varhas.


The largest tribe in Tasif were the Tasin people, who had several subsequent varhas. The Tasin then saw no varhas for many centuries. They split into smaller groups, the largest of which were the Tasifians, but even this group broke apart into smaller groups. It wasn't until the appearance of another varhas in 1000BD that the people in this area began to see larger civilisations grow.

Tasif Kingdom

East and West Tasif.

  • 1000BD The people renew a long-lasting tradition where they are ruled by a single long-lived god-king.
    • Varhas Moinamarvir ruled for the entire duration of this kingdom.
  • 950BD Akanism religion is founded.
  • 800BD Vidmaur city founded.
  • 750BD The kingdom lost its hold on West Tasif to smaller groups as Moinamarvir's health declined.
  • 700BD Moinamarvir passes away. The Tasif Kingdom breaks apart into dozens of portions.

Moinamarvir was the first Hireos ruler in the area, said to have lived from 1000BD - 700BD. During his time and in subsequent Vaman kingdoms, the entire society relied on a single long-lived god-king, and when he died, their entire kingdom collapsed. He claimed to have been a descendant of Olayin Yetun, making this the earliest mention of the Akanism religion.

1000BD - 700BD

Ruins in this era include moun and catacombs.

Serten Kingdom

East and West Tasif.

  • 550BD Varhas Narhau is found as their next Hireos king, and starts the Serten Kingdom.
  • 500BD Steel technology comes from Remdor to the east.
  • 400BD Nauntais city founded.
  • 350BD The Blue Death plague spreads from traders from Saron, wiping out between 500,000 and 2,000,000.
    • Narhau fell victim to the plague, causing the Serten Kingdom to collapse into many parts again.

550BD - 350BD

Ruins in this era include moun and catacombs.

Vaman Kingdom

East and West Tasif.

  • 150BD Varhas Haifanvoun is found as their third and final Hireos king. The Vaman Kingdom is born.
  • 200AL The Blue Death plague resurfaces, killing around 20,000,000 and ending the kingdom.

150BD - 200AL

Ruins in this era include small castles, moun, and catacombs.

Vaman Kingdoms

East and West Tasif.

  • 400AL Various powerful chieftains in the region gather together and form an alliance of kingdoms without waiting for Hireos god-kings to come to them.
  • 450AL The allied kings banish Akanism, blaming it for the repeated failures of their people.
    • More kingdoms arise and join the confederation all through Tasif.
  • 500AL Monar city founded.
  • 550AL Noushon city founded.
  • 600AL The cannon is invented; tensions rise in the region.
  • 650AL The alliances start to break apart as the kingdoms become more powerful and fight for control.

400AL - 650AL

Ruins in this era include stone castles and catacombs.

Modern Vaman Cultures

East and West Tasif.

  • 650AL The Vaman alliances start to break apart as the kingdoms become more powerful and fight for control.
    • The Awavan Kingdom is the first to break apart.
  • 700AL The Monar and Toussin kingdoms are next, and the remaining kingdoms follow over the years.
  • 800AL The Havigban Kingdom, unlike the rest, adopts a Mystic king as their ruler.
  • 950AL Learning from the Benevis kingdoms, the Vamans become to the second people to circumnavigate the globe with their immense ships.

650AL onwards