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Culture and Locations

Varoicca is a Vaman kingdom which is ruled by a varhas. They have no state religion, being a secular monarchy, and allow small populations of other religious peoples with the exclusion of Akanists. Like most Vaman kingdoms, they focus on the potential, values, and achievements of humans. Varoicca are typically explorers, focussing on sailing out and discovering new lands rather than on bolstering their own country and competing directly with their neighbours. Its capital is Vaivon.

Varoicca is mostly temperate forest, temperate grassland, and dry grassland, with the Linod and Husta Rivers flowing in from the Sacres Plains to the south. Varoicca owns the Raidvir, Rouha, and Sorraur Islands, and has broad access to the North Augair.

Demonym: Varoiccan, Varoiccans

Population: 2,800,000

  • Varoicca Kingdom
    • Vaivon, capital, 42,000
    • Taranas, 20,000
    • Vadrain, 17,000

History and Relations

Varoicca was a part of the confederation of Vaman Kingdoms that came together around 400AL, and this alliance outlawed Akanism and started the secular governmental system Vaman uses today, but by around 650AL the alliance broke apart as the kings began to fight with one another for more power. Varoicca broke away around 750AL. The main ethnic group in Varoicca is Vaman with some old blood from Into. They are neutral toward Toussin, Pagwani, and Nwashas, and distrusting of Havigban. They mainly export grain and Vaman Purple pigment. They trade with the Augair Trade Authority as well.

Military and Art

Varoicca is most known for their navy marines, soldiers who are trained to sail and fight on open waters, and they sail their grand fleet, armed with some of the best cannons in Riiga. Common architectural features include crowned battlements, agoras, and aqueducts, and common artforms include music, gambling, and woodworking.