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Yeves Tribes

The Yeves tribes live in the western Great Mancisa Plain in central Armalia, at the northern end of what was once Dunin land. They dwell south of the Apszhes and Utyq people and east of the Brrutt Tribes. They never go into the upper eastern end of the Great Mancisa Plain, for that land belongs to the Laderea Kingdom.


The land on which the Yeves tribes live has gone back and forth between Dunin and Temanean control for a long time. According to the tales of the inhabitants and neighbours, the Yeves, Brrutt, Apszhes, and Utyq people descended from an ancient group of people of neither Dunin nor Temanean origin called the Yyele people. The Yyele people were eventually conquered by the ancestors of the Dunin called the Batur people, then the ancestors of Temanea called the Ladarean Kingdom during the Grey Era, then the next group of Dunin's ancestors called the Dunian Empire after that in the Lyte Era, before finally receiving independence when the Kings of Temanea defeated the Dunian Empire, freeing the Yeves and other ancient northern peoples. These people asked Temanea for their land back and were granted it, with the condition that they would never take up arms against Temanea.


To the Yeves, grass is sacred and is the heart of their lifestyle. They make sod and grass houses as well as wearing, eating, burning, smoking, and farming the various grasses of the Great Mancisa Plain. They have borrowed too much culture from Dunin and Temanea to maintain a nomadic lifestyle, but they do still live in very small communities and have a strong focus on their own traditions and beliefs. One coming of age ritual for boys is to smoke a small bowl of every type of grass in one day. They keep yaks and bisons in small to moderate numbers, utilising their milk, hide, meat, and other body parts. Their knowledge of grasses allows them to breed and feed their livestock in the most efficient ways.