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Culture and Locations

Kinars is a coastal city-state with a low level king called a raqu. Its official religion is Pakorra, which promotes a balanced approach toward the mind and the body being in equilibrium. Kinarsii believe in attaining knowledge in this manner. Their capital is Kinaran.

Kinars mostly includes the East Fangs and the shores surrounding them, giving access to the Shard Sea and Karber Sea. The Ribosu flows through Kinaran. Most of the land near the coast is savanna, with dry grassland inland and montane forest on the East Fangs themselves.

Demonym: Kinars, Kinarsii

Population: 2,500,000

  • Kinars (KIH-NGARZ)
    • Kinaran (KIH-NGAR-ANG), capital, 39,000
    • Barqho (BARK-HUU), 20,000

History and Relations

The city of Kinaran came to power during the days of the ancient Kayen Kingdom, but when the power shifted to the Kayen Priestdom, Kinaran broke away and gained independence. It was conquered by the Xilou Hoqomer late in the Grey Era but again the people saw an opportunity to break free of their conquerors when the Dunian Empire started sweeping into western Qarbak. It has maintained independence ever since, staying on the far side of the Qarar Desert from the Oolu Empire. The people here are a mix of ancient Xilou and ancient Qarara blood. They have a tense and uneasy relationship with the Oolu Empire, have conflict with the Quyatan clans, and have no major exports.

Military and Art

Kinars employs the use of moonblades, elite city guards who are also well educated. They practice a nonthreatening and diplomatic approach to hunt down and infiltrate the source of criminal activity. Common architectural features include dark and crowded streets and minarets, and common artforms include mosaics and literature.