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Riigan Magic

Types of magic in Riiga.


  • Elemental magic, popularised by the Carson Institutes of Benevis. Used by mages as a profession.
    • Fire: combust, fireball, extinguish, resist fire
    • Water: hydrate, dehydrate
    • Wind: microwind, macrowind, razor wind
    • Earth: assemble stone, stoneskin, petrification, quake
    • Thunder: lightning, paralysis
    • Ice: freeze, deep freeze
    • Organic: toxin, influence life, growth
    • Shadow: illness, darkness, emotions, harm, reanimation
    • Light: illumination, dispel dark/harm


  • An advanced form of magus which involves circuitry and attempts to delve into circuitry. It is regarded as taboo.
    • Enchanting: imbuing objects with magical capability
    • Circuitry: elemental weapons


  • Shaman magic of the Karithians involving positive/negative manipulation of organic/inorganic material.
    • Healing: heal, repair, wound
    • Infection: disease, cleanse
    • Temperature: heat, cool
    • Sight: heighten, blind
    • Binding: affix, repel
    • Nutrition: grow, deplete
    • Telekinesis: telekinesis
    • Hearing: heighten, deafen
    • Light: brighten, darken
    • Shield: strengthen, weaken
    • Invocation: mind control


  • An extra sense which mortals are oblivious to having, known to be in the hands of the Truebloods.
    • Soul sensing: sensing life
    • Invisibility: becoming undetectable via vision
    • Telepathy: communicate across moderate distances
    • Intangibility: passing through solid objects
    • Truesight: seeing through illusions


  • Eber astrology, primarily based around prophesying, divination, and a heavenly afterlife. It has several variations around the world.
    • Precognition: seeing the future
    • Divination: acquiring information
    • Healing: cleansing disease


  • Keid wind manipulation magic, primarily used to control their breathing (believed to be the key to their strength) and moving arrows mid-flight.
    • Aerokinesis: influencing projectiles
    • Anaptation: efficient breathing
    • Telesuffos: suffocation by denying air


  • The stone magic of the ancient Patre people.
    • Petraturgy: manipulation of stone
    • Illusion: illusory stone
    • Occlusion: closing things with stone


  • Stealth magic and abilities of the Fanorans.
    • Camouflage: become difficult to see
    • Disguise: appear to be someone of similar appearance
    • Wallrunning: easily scale vertical surfaces


  • Mysterious magic of the werehuskies of remote, frozen, northern regions.
    • Divination: acquiring information
    • Pragmakinesis: alteration of relative reality
    • Premonition: seeing the future
    • Illusion: employ illusions
    • Vibration: force vibrations


  • Magic used by the godmonks of Temanea. They treat everything as containing spirits or lesser gods which can lend power.
    • Absorption: absorb magical energy
    • Healing: cleansing, heal
    • Abjuration: protect against offensive magic
    • Moralise: show someone the voice of truth
    • Sanctification: imbue things with holy deity powers


  • Dunin shamans who communicate with dead spirits and call upon them for help, mostly in harming their enemies.
    • Demoralise: fill a mind with corruption and lies
    • Paralysis: disallow use of a body
    • Curse: attach misfortune to a living being
    • Plague: manifest disease
    • Life steal: absorb life energy
    • Divination: acquiring information


  • Magic of the essence masters of the Utyq people, based around the sap of the bloodthorn.
    • Redemption: remove a curse
    • Longevity: lengthen life duration
    • Sacred Space: area that repels harmful things