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Patre are an ancient magical people who appeared in Sacre between 400BD and 100AL. As this region, known as the Great Dustlands, is an unknown, hostile desert, very little contact was made with the Patre. Everything currently known about them comes from a few stories of early Vaman and Gnaisor people.


Patre appear mostly human, with tall, sturdy builds, olive skin, light brown hair, and bright blue eyes. They paint green patterns onto their bodies and seem unperturbed by the harsh sun of the climate. Most uniquely, they grow horns from their heads, most similar to the curled horns of a bighorn sheep. They wear linen garments like skirts and wraps, and craft jewellery from an unknown metal that glistens like the sun. Traders at the time were unable to acquire any of their unique items, instead being offered a wide assortment of what appeared to be ordinary rocks. Patre settlements were hovels of stone in the middle of the desert. They appeared to gather around oases, growing grain and owning small herds of livestock to live off.

Great Structures

Two ruined structures remain in the Great Dustlands, believed to have been built and used by the Patre in ancient times: a great well-like structure called Narhau, and the remnants of a mighty bridge called Mautava. Narhau itself looks like what could have been a gigantic well. The opening is about 40 meters across (130 feet) but is filled in almost to the top. Even in the time of its discovery, the well was in ruins, heavily worn by countless years of desert weather. Mautava is a bridge that is around the same height of the bridge at Na Hangme at around 120 meters (390 feet) in height, but the remains of the supports indiciate that it once stretched several kilometers in length, reaching from hills to the east into the desert to the west until the stones are buried deep under the sand. It is not known where the bridge once led, but as with Narhau, it is thought to have been built well before the Patre appeared between 400BD and 100AL, indicating that they appeared previously a very long time ago, or some other race built these two structures.