Tuaram History

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Go here for Tuaram culture. For a visual timeline of Riigan history, go here. The following page describes the largest power in the respective areas at the time. Some gaps and overlaps occur, and many ancient dates are estimates.

Hade People


1900BD - 1100BD

Rerade People


1000BD - 800BD

Harade People

Had. Home of the Muk Zuas religion.

750BD - 600BD

Forade People


550BD - 450BD

Ruins from this era include adobe structures.

Conquered by Seleru cultures until ~50AL

Forade People (2nd)

Had and Jadar. Built the Usafi Giant.

100AL - 350AL

Ruins from this era include white adobe structures.

Hade Kingdom

Had. Built the Arikal Temple.

400AL - 450AL

Ruins from this era include temples.

Shcholi Kingdom

Jadar. Home of the Ma Tu religion.

450AL - 500AL

Hade Empire

Had and Jadar.

500AL - 650AL

Efisi Empire


650AL - 700AL

Hmou Empire


700AL - 850AL

Takifesi Kingdom


750AL - 800AL

Modern Tuaram cultures

Jadar and Had.

850AL onwards