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For the history of these people, see Yvatshun History.

Yvatshun Cultures

Yvabira Kingdom

Grand Princedom of Alacas

Nhorcea Order

City-State of Huirnon

Minor Peoples: Batylir, Ayrsi, Arzhia, Brenyr, Ituni

Tribal Groups: Vrasik, Rre Qran, Bymir, Oirtarre


These people mostly barter for goods, though larger dominions -- especially to the far east and far west -- will often accept coins, or even produce their own coins called rieta.


  • The Vacti, a single magic school in Alacas similar in function to the Carson Institute.
  • Huskatari, the broad term for ruling warrior lords and their military.
  • Druids, an order of mysterious mage-warriors who usually live outside societies and spread Yvabiran religion.
  • Veriheratu, the most elite warriors who are chosen by the gods, blessed by druids, and fight alongside their animal counterparts.