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Culture and Locations

Huirnon is a city-state ruled by aristocrats in western Ideitess. Its official religion is Alatia, which teaches people to seek out divine truth and help out your fellow Alatian follower. They are typically prudent people, exercising careful planning and practiced wisdom. Its capital is Ellecil.

Huirnon is mostly temperate forest in the southwest and taiga in the northeast. It has some access to Umber Bay to the west, and to Riel Lake to the south. The lower western end of the Khatsanaras lie to the north.

Demonym: Huirnian, Huirnians

Population: 2,400,000

  • Huirnon (HUU-EER-NOHN)
    • Ellecil (EH-LEH-SIHL), capital, 39,000
    • Obrenir (OH-BREH-NIHR), 19,000
    • Uzvalev (UUZ-WUH-LEH-W), 15,000
    • Bervata (PEHR-WUH-TUH), 10,000

History and Relations

Huirnon was originally a small part of the East Xilou Hoqomer and then the Dunian Empire, but it wasn't until the latter empire collapsed around 650AL that Huirnon would become its own nation, utilising its strategic position between Benevis, Qarbak, and Yvatshun to balance surrounding powers and act as a crossroads for the three major regions. People here are an ethnic mix of Seleru and Yvabiran, though many have slightly pointed ears. They are peaceful with Vastin, neutral with Masakana, allied with Alacas, and are hostile toward Arzhia, Brenyr, Charnyr, and anyone else from the Cursed Lands. They mainly export timber, hide, and textiles.

Military and Art

Huirnon cavalry are known as hussars, and often act as extravagant bodyguards outside times of war. They use their intimidating appearance to discourage attackers. Common architectural features include colonnades and religious obelisks, and common artforms include feasts and music.