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Culture and Locations

Bandiao is a large dynastic kingdom in southwestern Temanea. It is a feudal monarchy ruled by a tengan king, and its biggest religion is Sanism, which encourages followers to appeal to a very large number of gods based on one's social class. Every family must choose which god they worship, and only the family's matriarch can change this choice. Bandiuo are seen as opportunistic when it comes to commerce, politics, and military options. Their capital is Ruipin. The Ladarean Wall still stands to this day, and the ruins of Chon Dae City can also still be seen. The archaios known as Sefu Nas also sits in Bandiao.

Bandiao's southern shores are tropical rainforest with monsoonal forest inland. This area meets both the Hoda Sea and the Heder Sea. Further North, the Golden Basin boasts temperate forest, temperate grassland, and dry grassland, and the Blood Mountains to the west offer montane forest. The Goldwater makes its northern border with Yinchu, and the Rajase River makes its border with Ladari. The Helinji River flows through Relai and Renotai. It has a small amount of access to the Bay of Teman via its capital in the northeast corner.

Demonym: Bandiuo, Bandiuo

Population: 60,000,000

  • Bandiao Dynasty
    • Ruipin, capital, 193,000
    • Huada Men, 96,000
    • Miro Ha, 77,000
    • Relai, 54,000
    • Dua He, 39,000

History and Relations

The Bandiao Dynasty was founded by an opportunistic war general around 750AL after seeing the growing Dunian Empire in the west suffer massively from the Sradaji Plague. Prior to this, warlords had been fighting for the land for over fifty years, due to chaos caused by the volcano Dama Mang erupting around 600AL. The Oolu Empire started conquering the region in 850AL, but when they were forced to retreat, Bandiao moved in and took land which was previously owned by the Ladari Dynasty. The major ethnic groups in Bandiao are Teman and Batur. They are tense with Ladari, friendly with Yinchu and Undin, have agreements with Ho Da, hostile with Hinyuo, neutral toward Sema, and import large numbers of slaves. They mainly export grain, silk, bronze, alcohol, and porcelain. The Noble Consortium has an office in Ruipin and controls the trade of silk in Yinchu and Bandiao. Goldflaked folk are rare here.

Military and Art

The most distinct warrior in Bandiao are their secret police, agents working undercover to gather intelligence both inside and outside the dynasty. Common architectural features include curved eaves, multi-tiered roofs, and watchtowers, and common artforms include child marriage, pottery, and drug usage.