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Go here for Batur culture. For a visual timeline of Riigan history, go here. The following page describes the largest power in the respective areas at the time. Some gaps and overlaps occur, and many ancient dates are estimates.

Mythology & Prehistory

According to Sunkhu shamans, the lands of Batur, Yyele, and Teman have belonged to the Batur people for 5000 generations. They first walked the earth fully in touch with their gods and with the spirit world. In this time, clan leaders lived for centuries, and shamans sometimes lived longer. They conquered other ancient peoples of the past, such as the ice-men known as the Yuyele people, and the cave-dwellers known as the Iruni, but otherwise lived in relative peace in large clusters of clans.

The longevity of man faded when black spirits known as khar were born from clan members who mistakenly worshipped an evil spirit from a distant land. Every person of the clan became a khar, and the corruption spread through all the other clans, ending the divine blood of their ancestors. Shamans and zhadas alike seek constantly to attain the longevity of their distant ancestors through trying to achieve greatness for their people to atone for past mistakes.

Baturun People

Batur into Western and Eastern Yyele. These people claim the Sunkhu religion predate the Baturun people.

  • 2000BD The Baturun people arise in Batur.
    • Most shamans are magimancers, and some clan chiefs are magichaists.
  • 1900BD United Baturun clans start taking over West Yyele under Nadaduq.
  • 1700BD Clans continue until East Yyele is occupied as well.
  • 1600BD Baturun travellers reach the Umberians and introduce horses to them.
  • 1500BD Though united overall and raiding Tesarean people often, internal disagreements are constant for centuries.
  • 1100BD Baturun mimic Tesarean smithing techniques, producing steel which is cheaper and weaker.
  • 950BD Oldest chain armour.
  • 850BD Ladarean emissaries try to make peace with the Baturun, who have raided them for centuries.
  • 800BD The Black Wars Period. The Ladarean king breaks the treaties and invades Yyele. Baturun people are killed or enslaved, leaving only the clans in Batur.

Nadaduq was an ancient Hireos warlord who united his people and swept across all of Yyele from Batur from 1900BD. He and his descendants held this land for a millennium, until the Black Wars in 800BD where the Ladarean Kingdom conquered Yyele after breaking their own treaties.

2000BD - 800BD

Ruins from this era include ovuqu and great cairns.

Black Wars Period

Baturun People (Minor)


  • 800BD The Baturun people remain divided for a long time with no significant leaders among them.
  • 700BD Yeves clans raid the Selseng Kingdom and are nicknamed 'Leopard Bandits'.
  • 650BD The Leopard Bandits are hunted down and slain by Selseng general Wanfao. Baturun really keep to themselves from this point.
  • 0BD The Yeves Baturun reemerge in fighting force and start raiding Tar Ang.

800BD - 0BD

Ruins from this era include cairns.

Dulduti Kingdom


  • 50AL In response to the Yeves raiders, the king of Tar Ang makes a deal with the Incidu clans, who help drive Yeves raiders away.
    • As payment, Incidu clans are given lands to the east of Lake Mancisa, and culture spreads between Incidu and Tar Ang.
    • The Incidu elect a king among themselves and found the Dulduti Kingdom.
  • 150AL The Hodasean Republic tries to ally with the Dulduti Kingdom and convince them to betray Tar Ang and help them invade.
    • Due to offers of technology, lands, riches, and a widespread drought throughout the Batur region, the Dulduti agree and unite all their greatest clans ...

50AL - 150AL

Dunian Empire

Batur, West Yyele, East Yyele, Bymir, Ideitess, Sheber, and West Teman.

  • 200AL The great clans all come together under Dunar Darrqu Zhadas. Their allies the Hodasean Republic is dissolving, so Dunar Darrqu Zhadas invades West and East Yyele, conquering their lands.
    • The Archroad starts to take shape in this period thanks to Senghul Drabas of the early Oolu Empire, connecting the Qeyu, East, and West Hoqomers, the Oolu Empire, the Hodasean Empire, and the Dunian Empire.
  • 250AL Dunar Darrqu Zhadas offers a new alliance with the new Hodasean Empire, promising to not conquer them if they paid him tribute. The Hodasean emperor agrees.
  • 400AL The Dunian Empire expands into Bymir, crushing the East Xilou Hoqomer along the way due to them struggling with the aftermath of a huge plague.
  • 450AL They continue to expand into Ideitess.
    • Museng city is founded.
  • 500AL Zelandergn and Tetamak cities are founded.
  • 550AL Expansion continues into Sheber, destroying the East Xilou Hoqomer making the Dunian Empire encompass the Khatsanaras mountains fully.
    • The Dunian forces respect the pacificism of the Derhnu Priestdom and do not go past their borders.
  • 600AL Dunian warlords struggle to hold on to heavily forested Bymir lands and the native Yvabiran Kingdom quickly replaces them.
    • Dunian warlords also lose their hold on Sheber as wars in Temanea distract the Dunian leaders.
    • Dama Mang erupts in the eastern Hodea Mountains, ending Dunian control in East Yyele.
  • 650AL Yvabirans defeat the Dunians now trapped in Ideitess.
    • Dunian warlords manage to expand into West Teman, replacing the Temanean Kingdom.
  • 700AL The Ladari Kingdom takes over West Yyele as the Ladari king slaughters the last Dunian emperor and his family in Zelandergn. The Dunian Empire essentially ends.
    • The Sradaji Plague kills ~10,000,000 Dunians in West Teman.

Dunar Darrqu Zhadas was another great Hireos warlord of these people, continually expanding the Dunian Empire over his life of around 300 years. He conquered half of Temanea, most of Armalia -- replacing the East Xilou Hoqomer as he went -- and even held half of Qarbak for a time. One of the effects of this huge empire's reach was spreading horses and trade routes across half the world.

200AL - 700AL

Ruins from this era include kurgan and great cairns.

Modern Batur People


  • 750AL General Hett Dari -- half Temanean and half Dunin -- reclaims West Teman and founds the Ladari Dynasty.
  • 800AL The Oolu Empire starts taking land from the clans along the Archroad.
  • 850AL Due to losses in Ladari, Oolu are driven back and the Dunin soon take control of their cities along the Archroad again.

850AL onwards