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Culture and Locations

Cendar is a Vaman city-state which is ruled by a varhas. They have no state religion, being a secular monarchy, and allow small populations of other religious peoples with the exclusion of Akanists. Like most Vaman kingdoms, they focus on the potential, values, and achievements of humans. Cendar are known to serve the cause of their city selflessly, defending their land against the pressure of the Monar Kingdom. Its only city and capital is Havai.

Cendar is almost entirely taiga with some montane forest in the hills, and its largest river called the Moisadar that flows through Havai. It has access to the Blue Sea and Windas Sea, and at the northeastern tip is the Red Strait.

Demonym: Cendar, Cendars

Population: 770,000

  • City-State of Monar
    • Havai, capital, 23,000
    • Loboktan, 10,000

History and Relations

Cendar was a part of the confederation of Vaman Kingdoms that came together around 400AL, and this alliance outlawed Akanism and started the secular governmental system Vaman uses today, but by around 650AL the alliance broke apart as the kings began to fight with one another for more power. Cendar broke away around 750AL. The main ethnic group in Toussin is Vaman with some old blood from Into. They experience conflict with Monar and are neutral with Vyrtdan and Airnohs. They mainly export timber.

Military and Art

Cendars rely on mercenaries trained in mountaineering to hold their land against Monar invasions, using attrition to slow, starve, and hinder their enemies until they're forced to retreat. Common architectural features include crowned battlements and slender structures, and common artforms include singing and meditation.