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Culture and Locations

Gaodsi is a minor coastal kingdom in Had. They are ruled by a nanohe king who gains the favour of a Muk Zuas deity to commence and continue their rule. The prosperity of the people is affected by how much the nanohe is pleasing the deity. The people here worship the goddess of the earth, Dajara Zu. They are people known for their deliberateness, believing impulsiveness and brashness brings nothing but bad fortune. Their capital is Kinahini.

Gaodsi's shore has a stretch of arid desert called the Chahe Desert. Its northern end does have some nicer climate with some savanna, and dry grassland with subtropical forest further inland. The Jore and Kone Islands are found off its shores in the Ambelia Ocean.

Demonym: Gaodsian, Gaodsians

Population: 700,000

  • Gaodsi
    • Kinahini, capital, 21,000

History and Relations

Gaodsi was founded when the Efisi Empire fragmented in 700AL and despite never becoming very powerful themselves, they survived through an alliance with the Hade Empire since 800AL. The people are from ancient Xilou and Raonare ethnic groups. They are constantly bullied by Mbokecho, are allied with Hade, and are subversive toward the Efisi States. They have no major exports.

Military and Art

As an act of self-preservation and calling upon their ancestors, Gaodsian assassins scout out the lands of their enemies and look for high value targets to kill in order to keep Gaodsi alive and stable. These targets are mostly found in Mbokecho or Efisi. Common architecture features include colonnades and domed towers, and as artforms they practice vocal mimicry -- especially the assassins -- and pottery.