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Culture and Locations

Mbokecho is a large empire in the heart of Tuaram which is ruled by a divine warlord. This warlord chooses one of the gods from the Muk Ra religion, and his rule depends on how the people interpret the relationship between the warlord and the god. Mbokecho favours the goddess of war, which means the empire is constantly trying to expand its borders and dominate nearby peoples. The people are so absorbed in this concept that they would die in combat just to reach the afterlife. Their capital is Najoha. The Usafi Giant allegedly existed in the heart of this empire 500 years ago.

Mbokecho mostly constitutes tropical rainforest, with some subtropical rainforest, wooded savanna, and savanna along its fringes. It boasts a huge number of rivers, including the Femazihe, Jenajo, Nehi, Kekeni, Nahene, Nana, Befonza, and Mbado rivers. The western end is mostly made up of the Jadari Rainforest, while the eastern end is the Hanjare Basin. The Ewkar Mountains make up some of the eastern border, and the Hmou Grasslands are found at the northwestern corner of the empire. The southwestern corner meets the Nzandyi Bay, where Nofa Island can be found.

Demonym: Mbokecho, Mbokecho

Population: 14,000,000

  • Mbokecho Empire
    • Najoha, capital, 93,000
    • Dezacho, 46,000
    • Bekiro, 37,000

History and Relations

Though the Mbokecho has been around for some time, it overtook the Hmou Empire as the dominant power in Jadar after Mbokecho invaded the mystics and forced them back into a single city. Mbokecho continued rising in power as the warlord discovered he could make great wealth by exporting diamonds and gold and slaves the his warriors capture from surrounding tribal peoples. The people of Mbokecho are a mix of ancient Xilou and Hanjare ethnic groups. They are hostile toward Onzigho, Hmou, and Shcholi, and they enslave the Kinohi, Dajeho, and Nacha peoples. They have a tense relationship with the Hade Empire, and they are trying to coerce Gaodsi into entering their growing empire. As mentioned, they mainly export gold, diamond, and slaves, and they also export exotic wildlife. They trade with the Royal Tuaram Trade Company whenever they make an expedition to the region.

Military and Art

The most distinct soldier in Mbokecho is the Exonerated: A dangerous criminal given a chance for atonement by becoming an elite killing force, specialising in preemptive strikes and merciless combat, showing no mercy to their enemies. Common architectural features include domed towers, building around waterfalls, and keyhole bridges, as well as other features from the ancient Xilou people that once lived here. Their common artforms include brutal rites of passage, music involving gigantic drums and horns, and fasting.