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Garukavar, God of Destruction

Fully known as Garukavarius Rukravumakoron Mirukavikneon -- otherwise known as the Betrayer, the Shroud of Clarity, the Tempted One, the False God, or the Seeker of Darkness -- Garukavar is the god of destruction. He is seen as the counter-god to Nikina, an ancient being of terror, death, monsters, and fear. The Red Temple's primary goal is to unite humanity against him, lest the world become his, overrun with monsters and destruction. He is a being who has never been seen, and is known only to Nikina and to the Endon and Odanon beneath Garukavar. He is said to dwell in an unknown place deep below the surface.

His three great beasts are Raeldon, Sheokro, and Gorenku, who are always by his feet. They are his pets, said to be giant monstrosities capable of laying waste to entire kingdoms, and do as he bids without question. Raeldon is associated with blizzards, tidal waves, and ice ages, Sheokro is associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and Gorenku is associated with storms. Standing at Garukavar's side is his general of war Votorin, the bane of humanity, enemy of civilisation. Votorin is the one who crafts Garukavar's monsters and sends them to attack people. Other high beings associated with Garukavar follow Votorin's command, rather than to Garukavar directly, but would still respect Garukavar's authority as absolute should it come down to it.


According to Nikina, Garukavar is a false god, a being from a time long forgotten to the land, an old enemy of his who accumulated his magic via unnatural means for self-interested motivations. Garukavar was once a lesser being, but discovered an unknown power and then toyed with it even after knowing he was immediately forbidden from doing so. Garukavar used this power to ascend to godhood and sought vengeance on his own kind for trying to control him, and he brought ultimate destruction to these people. After this apocalypse, Garukavar corrupted some of his remaining people to become his loyal Endon: Raeldon, Sheokro, Gorenku, and Votorin. It is believed that Votorin then created the Odanon and all other monsters.

Many scholars and priests believe Garukavar was one of the Manamorians due to hints that Nikina has given in the past, but nothing concrete has ever been established. Garukavar believes that he is the only one worthy of being the true god of Riiga, and is willing to force others under his will or destroy them for resisting him. Given that Garukavar's monsters show no interest at all in human civilisation, almost all humans who know of him speak out against him.