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Culture and Locations

One of three largest kingdoms in Umbener, Vastin is ruled by a king and has the Red Temple (Dualkedorian Creed) as its state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. The people of Margon place a lot of importance on contracts and laws, and are typically very by-the-books people. The capital is Lyte, the third largest city in the world, and the kingdom also is home to both the great Red Temple of Lyte and the archaios of Etlas.

Margon's Lytelands see a mediterranean climate, with temperate forest covering further inland regions and some broad grassland between the Delsir and Great Ranges. The Great Ranges are mostly montane forest with some alpine tundra at the highest points. The Heulris Islands dot a section of coastline west of Lyte, and the Lensone Islands are found off the southwestern point. The largest rivers are the Neumin, which flows through Lyte, and the Saungir. Mount Tauldan is found in the northeastern corner of the kingdom.

Demonym: Margonian, Margonians

Population: 39,000,000

  • Margon Kingdom
    • Sunlor Duchy
      • Lyte, capital, 157,000
    • Olusnen Duchy
      • Lasarson, 79,000
    • Orryan Duchy
      • Valarvis, 63,000
    • Orsonfar Duchy
      • Fortria, 31,000
    • Tyarnen Duchy
      • Alfar, 26,000
    • Naslun Duchy
      • Tasfian, 18,000
    • Hornan Duchy
      • Dormesen, 13,000

History and Relations

The kingdom is around 450 years old, and was formed after the Benevis Empire broke apart in 550AL after the assassination of Emperor Halartus Benevarus. Most areas of Margon are of Seleru ethnic origin, though the people north of the Great Ranges are a Nor-Seleru mix. Relations with surrounding realms are mostly peaceful, though there is historical tension with Oluseon and that Margon recently took the Lensone Islands from the Reunou Hoqomer. Margon maintains diplomatic relations mostly because it acts as a trade hub of naval activity. Margon primarily exports grain, oil, wine, and glass, and Vastin Yellow pigment. The Royal Tuaram Trade Company has its main office in Lyte.

Military and Art

Margonians glorify heroic wartime figures and soldiers aspire to reach these heroic positions through their deeds. Soldiers deemed to be elite are regarded very highly in Margon. Similarly, venquis are known to mostly originate in Margon. Common architectural features include belvederes and towers, gardens, and atriums, and common artforms mostly include tournaments and competitive combat sports.