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Culture and Locations

Oluseon is ruled by a grand prince and has the Red Temple (Prielic Creed) as its state religion, which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that the Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. People of Oluseon are resilient and casual, and reject the formalities of their neighbours in Margon. Their capital city is Ornondo.

Oluseon's south has a mediterranean climate, while its north sees more temperate weather. The Great Ranges barely cross the northeaster border.

Demonym: Olusean, Oluseans

Population: 4,800,000

  • Oluseon Princedom
    • Ornondo, capital, 55,000
    • Asfonde, 27,000

History and Relations

The princedom was originally a part of Margon after the Benevis Empire broke apart in 550AL after the assassination of Emperor Halartus Benevarus, but it separated itself after only a couple of generations, thanks in most part to the difference in Red Temple creeds between Oluseon and Margon. Most people of Oluseon are of Seleru ethnic origin, and by some regards they culturally have more in common with places like Reunou than the rest of Benevis. Relations with surrounding countries are mostly peaceful but tensions between Oluseon and Margon has not eased over the last several centuries. Oluseon mainly exports wine and oil.

Military and Art

Olusean military, unable to compete with the naval might of Margon and Umberia, focusses on defending their own soil with the use of skilled, athletic soldiers. Javelin-throwing is a common sport, both in military and social circles. Common architectural features include belvederes, mosaics, and atriums, and common artforms include competitive sports and pottery.