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Culture and Locations

Miyikisi people live in eastern Had. They are ruled by a nanohe king who gains the favour of a Muk Zuas deity to commence and continue their rule. The prosperity of the people is affected by how much the nanohe is pleasing the deity. They worship the god of wisdom, Omolo Zu, and as such, the people here hold wisdom as the highest virtue. Their capital and only city is Kejejo.

Miyikisi has a mostly subtropical forested region. The Mafamera River flows through Kejejo and the north border with Wayinzo is the Nenina River. The people do not enter the grasslands to the south, as those lands belong to the vastaur. Miyikisi's east shore meets the Diamond Sea.

Demonym: Miyikisian, Miyikisians

Population: 800,000

  • Miyikisi
    • Kejejo, capital, 23,000

History and Relations

Miyikisians broke away from the first Hade Empire around 650AL, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the collapse of the Efisi Empire around that time. They have had many conflicts with Hade ever since, and recently lost the city of Halachije to invading Hade forces. The people are a mix of ancient Xilou and Raonare ethnic groups. Despite their tense relationship with Hade, they are friendly with Wayinzo and neutral toward the Dajjar tribes. They mainly export gold.

Military and Art

Miyikisi don't have much in the way of a fighting force, but tend to employ specialised scouts who partake in guerrilla warfare when opportunity presents itself. Architectural features commonly include colonnaded pyramids and the largest artform is communal prayer.