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Hybrid People

Other races, usually called hybrid people, are humanoid races who show as much human traits as to be considered human, but have a distinct visual difference.


Truebloods are an ancient and mystical race of powerful and large werewolf-type beings who lived in a hidden advanced civilisation deep in northern Windas, but they now exist only in ancient legends of the people who live nearby. They are thought to be the ancestral race of the sirins, and perhaps even once their masters. They are said to be the masters of Adumbra.


Sirins inhabit at least half of Windas, mostly keeping to the northern boreal forests and frozen mountains. It's not known exactly when or how sirins came about, but the human tribes of Windas have been speaking of sirins for generations. To these tribes, sirins are essentially nature spirits. They appear as stout humanoids, covered in fur, with big bushy tails. They have large round pawed feet and have claws on their hands and feet, reddish hair, and blue eyes.


The Patre are an ancient magical people who appeared in Sacre centuries ago. Since this region, known as the Great Dustlands, is a vast and unknown desert, very little contact was made with the Patre. Everything known about them comes from a few stories of early Vaman and Gnaisor people. They appear as tall, sturdy people with olive skin, light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and ram-like horns growing from their heads.


The Keid look mostly human. They live throughout the jungles of Jindiara and mainly constitute the Shaai, Gexri, and Ngoed groups. The Keid are led by their Hireos king called Buroba. They are athletic, very tall, and strong, with long dark brown hair and dark skin, and green eyes that seem to glow in dim light. They are mortal enemies with the Fanorans.


Bayakas are a legendary hybrid people seen deep in the western Khatsanaras in Bymir. Only legends and tales exist of these people, who are allegedly half bird and half human, and dwell in huts and caves hidden in lost valleys and chasms. They help those who are lost and hurt, and warn travellers deep in the mountains of impending danger. Despite this, they are extremely rare and no scholar has ever confirmed their existence.


In 750BD, a clan of winged people called Vesdorians emerged from the Great Ranges in Benevis and founded a kingdom under their king Alophiel. At their peak they held dominion over much of the Lytelands, and they also introduced Liogons to the area and built Vesdor Castle. Their kingdom ended during the Burning Seas War.

Anti-Human Races

Though not monsters in a strict sense, some hybrid races express nothing but contempt and violence toward humans and humanoid people. They are regarded as monsters by some.


Karithians are a very strong people who are half cruxgoat and half man. They grow armoured plates in patches of their furry bodies, wear heavy robes, and possess dangerous jaratk magic. They appear every few centuries and attack human civilisation, often withdrawing for unknown reasons, only to emerge again later in history.


Fanorans are cat people who live in hidden villages in the Red Peaks of Jindiara. They are the mortal enemies of the Keid and have been sneaking into the jungle to bring suffering to Keid for supposedly thousands of years. They show a similarly violent attitude toward humans as well.


Modeoa are similar to sirins, but have two main differences: They are half husky rather than half wolf, and they possess mysterious magic which not been studied to any reliable degree, but suggests abilities beyond what anyone thought mortals could wield.


The Cullashin are weremammoth people who live only in the harsh arctic climates of Solcul. They wear primitive clothing and wield tools and weapons, but little more is known about them, except that they willl attack humans on sight.


Hamakro are weretigers who live on the tropical Iyakel Islands in the south Karber Sea. They are believed to live in stone temples and worship a tiger-god deity, but nothing more is known about them for sure. As with the above races, they are hostile toward humans.


Bokoro are greedy semi-aquatic people with frog-like and turtle-like features. They have heads, long tongues, and stumpy bodies, and have a religion that involves worshipping beings deep beneath the sea who are said to grant a chosen few a third eye that has its own magic ability. They live in tribal groups found in fresh and salt water swamps at the eastern end of Moonlight Island, and are known to interfere with trade ships passing by.


Fothrozz are tough, stoic reptilian hybrids who dwell deep in frozen lands with ice-blue scales, large throats, and various horns that grow atop their snout. They don multi-layered fur outfits and wield crudely forged metal weapons. It is believed they live underground, but their homes have never been observed before. They are usually encountered by people who wander deep into the Beasten Mountains.


Gliroch are primitive, vicious rodent hybrids thrive in the Blightlands of eastern Teman. Somehow having developed an immunity to the blight bursts that occur in the area, they also live off the poisonous animals there, but their dependence on the regional blight means they are not a threat for neighbouring areas. It is said they are able to concoct poisons that can have almost any effect on a victim.


Now limited to The Toe of southern Had, the vastaur are said to have once roamed further northwest into the Raonares Plains and Diamond Hills. Although they are large and powerful, they lack the intelligence and technology to expand into lands occupied by humans. They are giant feline-human hybrids, with the four-legged body supporting the upper torso of a person and bearing a lion-like head.