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Go here for Remdor culture. For a visual timeline of Riigan history, go here. The following page describes the largest power in the respective areas at the time. Some gaps and overlaps occur, and many ancient dates are estimates.

Gnaisor People


  • 900BD Gnaisor people drive the native Scarcuns out of the best land. Scarcuns and many smaller peoples still live in the area.
  • 700BD Progorans bring currency and trade to the Gnaisor.
  • 650BD Into-Gnaisor wars. The Into Tlarate fail to conquer Gnaisor lands.
  • 500BD Travellers from the Mangal Hoqomer try to bring religion and trade to the Gnaisor but are rejected.
  • 450BD Gnaisor people are struck with the Blue Death, which also reaches the Serten Kingdom, killing 500,000 to 2,000,000.
    • This plague is one of the longest-running in history, lasting around two hundred years.
  • 250BD Gnaisor people eventually get the better of the Blue Death plague.
  • 50BD Saron-Scarcun wars between lesser peoples around the Gnaisor lands.
  • 300AL Asshor Kingdom rapidly increases in power after defeating the Kyrass Kingdom.
    • By this time, the Gnaisor people were becoming increasingly smaller. Asshor took over their lands with little resistance.

900BD - 250AL

Ruins from this period include crypts and hill forts.

Halsor People


  • 700BD Briefly become a major power in the area after splitting away from Progoran settlers.

700BD - 600BD

Inhabited by Seleru between 550BD and 400AL, and Into peoples between 450AL and 650AL

Ruins left by these people include ostium, ostriva, unrotinga, and mounds.

Inhabited by Benevis settlers in ~700AL

Modern Remdor Cultures

Saron and Harda.

    • Benevis culture brings magiturgy with it.
  • 750AL The Totani Fever strikes Saron and Progora, killing ~2,000,000.
    • Warlords take advantage of the weakened Benevis influence and start their own kingdoms.
    • The Vyrtdan Kingdom is founded.
  • 800AL The Maugnon is founded and the Asshor Kingdom sees a revival.
    • Many other minor kingdoms and princedoms come up in the area.
  • 850AL The Sect arrives from an unknown land and becomes the state religion in half the kingdoms of Remdor.
    • The Sect introduces magimancy.

750AL onwards