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Culture and Locations

Satium is a princedom in southwest Remdor. Its main religion is the Remdorian Sect, which teaches people to make sacrifices to avoid suffering and bless others to goodness prosperity. It is a non-theistic religion and tends to allow other religions to coexist with it, provided the values are compatible. Satium also has a significant presence of followers of the Red Temple (Abadorian Creed), which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. Satians are typically seen as ardent, enthusiastic, and passionate, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and standing up for what they believe in without hesitation. Its capital is Satium.

Satium has subtropical rainforest near its shores, with temperate forest, temperate grassland, and montane forest going inland and uphill toward the Coral Mountains. The Fansaung Plain makes up most of its heart, and the rivers Vato and Vourass flow through Satium and Leite respectively. The Satium Coast, its southern shore, meets Satium Bay and the Ambelia Ocean. It owns the western Amethyst Twin island.

Demonym: Satian, Satians

Population: 13,500,000

  • Satium Princedom
    • Adeorass Sanctus
      • Satium, capital, 92,000
    • Moursen Sanctus
      • Despium, 46,000
    • Kavminass Sanctus
      • Galtial, 38,000
    • Ardambar Sanctus
      • Haravest, 18,000

History and Relations

From about 500AL, most of Remdor was occupied by the Urkadian Tlarate, an unusual time when tlars ruled over Benevans, mystics, and local peoples. When colonists from the Vastin Kingdom arrived and saw the state of Remdor, they began to drive the tlarate away, expanding Benevan culture across most of Remdor. But due to the wide variety of peoples already spread across the land, the colonies soon broke apart into a variety of different kingdoms with different origins. Satium mostly constitutes people from Into ethnic groups. They are allied with Maugnun and puppet Liara, using it as a buffer against tlarate invaders. They mainly export wildlife.

Military and Art

Satium's most distinct soldier is the crusader rider, a heavily-armoured mounted knight who fights in the holy wars against the tlarates from the southwest. Common architectural features include colonnades, capped domes, and crowned battlements, and common artforms include ritualistic singing, painting, and festivals.