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Culture and Locations

Liara is a city-state in Satium Bay in northern Progora. Due to its precarious position, it is often fought over by the Satium Princedom and Maugnun Kingdom, and the tlarates from the southwest. It is ruled by a figurehead; a child who can be reincarnated and who is advised by a council of elders. The people overall believe in reincarnation, and therefore believe that death is somewhat trivial. Their capital is Liara.

Liara is mostly coastal subtropical rainforest that meets the Satium Bay. To the north lies the Mautava Highlands. The Sorraur flows through Liara, gathering in the basin in the middle of the area.

Demonym: Liaran, Liarans

Population: 1,400,000

  • City-State of Liara
    • Liara, capita, 29,000
    • Lestupor, 15,000
    • Suranlin, 12,000

History and Relations

Historically a part of the Urkadian Tlarate, Liara was taken by Vastin colonists around 700AL when Vastin invaded Remdor. Liara broke away from the colonies around 800AL, but have since been puppeted by the Satium Princedom, who uses Liara as a buffer against invasions. The tlarates regularly try to invade Liara from Gnaisor. People from Liara are mostly made up of Trongi and Nor ethnic groups. They have no major exports.

Military and Art

The most effective method of warfare Liara makes use of are suicidal assassins, who infiltrate enemy encampments and kill as many people as possible before facing a death glorious enough to warrant reincarnation. Common architectural features include colonnades and stone carving, and blood sports and coloured smoking are common artforms here.