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For history of these people, see Temanea History.

Temanean Cultures

Temanean Dynasties

Shogunates: Teruvea, Sopone, Espone, Tenhan, Henmi

Other Civilisations: Sema

Ahorea Clans


Temanea uses a wide variety of currencies, from the recently adopted paper banknotes called ruhe, to copper coins called lemen, to ancient plate-and-ring currency, to bartering.


  • The Angsar, an ancient secret order of golden elite warriors who work alongside kings.
  • The Mamun, a term for noble warriors and their hosts of soldiers, usually sub-divided per ruler or commander.
  • Gaojhi, the main religion in western and northern Temanea.
  • Gonto, the main religion on the Gold Sea islands.
  • San, the main religion in southern Temanea.