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After causing an apocalypse that ended the civilisation of his own people from ancient times forgotten to the land, Garukavar corrupted some of his remaining people to become his loyal Endon: Raeldon, Sheokro, Gorenku, and Votorin. It is believed that Votorin then created the Odanon and all other monsters.


Garukavar's great beast of ice. Raeldon is sly and heartless. She was born of a raging whirlpool deep in the first oceans of Riiga. She is associated with disasters like tidal waves, blizzards, and ice ages.


Garukavar's great beast of fire. Sheokro is violent and hateful. He was born of a gigantic volcanic eruption that formed large islands. He is associated with earthquakes and volcanoes.


Garukavar's beast of storms. Gorenku is cunning and destructive. He was born of a storm that ravaged the land for a thousand years. He is associated with storms.


Garukavar's general of war, the bane of humanity, enemy of civilisation, or simply The Enemy, Votorin creates monsters and sends them to attack people. His order, the Templars, claims responsibility for all monsters attacks, including The Darkness. He has under his command, along with all other monsters, the mighty Xelevikenar.