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After causing an apocalypse that ended the civilisation of his own people from ancient times forgotten to the land, Garukavar corrupted some of his remaining people to become his loyal Endon: Raeldon, Sheokro, Gorenku, and Votorin. It is believed that Votorin then created the Odanon, one of whom -- namely Toryalnor -- created all other monsters. Endon are tremendous in power and size, their immortal forms bursting with undying power granted to them by Garukavar. They are all limited to a single body and they all dwell deep below the surface world, hiding out of sight and waiting for their call, possibly influencing the world from a distance. Some say the Three Beasts -- Raeldon, Sheokro, and Gorenku -- all protect Garukavar himself on his deep throne like loyal hounds or bodyguards.

An artist's interpretation of Raeldon.


Garukavar's great beast of ice. Raeldon is sly and heartless. According to Nikina, he was formed of a raging whirlpool deep in the first oceans of Riiga. He is associated with disasters like tidal waves, blizzards, and ice ages, and is thought to have the power to plunge a landmass into a deadly winter by smothering it in cloud and frost. There are ancient legends in the lands of Batur and Vaman which tell of seemingly endless periods of cold caused by the fury of a beast living beneath mountains or deep lakes. Benevan scholars attribute this legend to Raeldon. Much like the other beasts, Raeldon takes the form of a great beast similar which could be described as part humanoid, part reptile, and part wolf.


Garukavar's great beast of fire. Sheokro is violent and hateful. According to Nikina, he was formed of a gigantic volcanic eruption that formed large islands. He is associated with earthquakes, droughts, and volcanoes, and is said to be able to create tunnels and fissures in the earth by gnawing and burrowing through the deepest layers of the land. Many of the greatest eruptions of Riiga, such Dama Mang in ~600AL and Feirdus in ~1500BD, are attributed to a powerful and fierce spirit who dwells within the mountains. Benevan scholars attribute these tales to Sheokro. He is also associated with Tisibikao, a volcanic event at the southern end of Jindiara which has been ongoing for centuries. Much like the other beasts, Sheokro takes the form of a great beast similar which could be described as part humanoid, part reptile, and part lion.


Garukavar's beast of storms. Gorenku is cunning and destructive. According to Nikina, he was formed of a storm that ravaged the land for a thousand years. He is associated with storms and is said to have the ability to exhale destruction which travels through deep tunnels and enters the surface world via fissures made by Sheokro. According to local legends, phenomena such as blight bursts, searing mists, and burning rain are often associated with gigantic and malicious spirits who indiscriminately turn a wide swathe of land into an uninhabitable region. Benevan scholars associate these legends with Gorenku. Much like the other beasts, Gorenku takes the form of a great beast similar which could be described as part humanoid, part reptile, and part bear.


Garukavar's general of war, the Bane of Man, the Destroyer, or simply The Enemy, Votorin has the Odanon Toryalnor create monsters and then directs them to attack people. His order, the Antemplars, claims responsibility for all monster attacks, including all black storms and even the Darkness. He has under his command -- along with all other monsters -- the mighty Xelevikenar, who are believed to pass on his bidding to their own hordes of monsters. He is different to the Three Beasts in that there is no information about his appearance; consequentially, his form in many legends is one of ambiguous shadow, malicious darkness, and formless horror. It's believed that in order to have a presence on the surface world of Riiga, he uses an entity called He to directly interact with Toryalnor and, by extension, the other Odanon and Antemplars.