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Culture and Locations

Yvabira is a monarchy ruled by a kinas, with many smaller regions given a decent amount of independent rule by minor lords. The main religion is Yvabiran polytheism which is so deeply intertwined with their ways of life that they have no need to name their religion. Their religion teaches that the gods make up the land itself. Yvabirans believe strongly in free will, and that each individual is free to craft their own destiny within the confines of their greater fate. The capital is Oropstov.

Yvabira is almost entirely taiga, with some temperate forest near the northern shores and montane forest further south against the Khatsanaras and Amber Mountains. The northwestern coastal region is known as the Mucklands, the Yvatlands are the central coastal region, and Bymir Basin is the eastern coastal region. The Zatshra River flows through Zatshra from Nhorcea, which is joined by the Qicryana and Jecla Rivers. Oropstov sees the Deianel, Iuqae, Tinine, Avyciv, and Ivdyvat Rivers all join together to flow through it. The River Atce flows through Avsary, and the River Velishla flows from Alacas and through Nomyara. All shores of Yvabira meet the Gulf of Avsaryn in the Batyr Sea.

Demonym: Yvabiran, Yvabirans

Population: 13,000,000

  • Kingdom of Yvabira
    • Oropstov, capital, 89,000
    • Zhatshra, 45,000
    • Avsary, 36,000

History and Relations

The Kingdom of Yvabira has its roots as far back as 200BD in the late Grey Era. It mostly collapsed under the Darkness in the year 0 and minor lords ruled small pieces of land for some time. Then the East Xilou Hoqomer expanded into the territory in 50AL, and later the Dunian Empire conquered the Xilou occupation in 400AL. Yvabirans, who had mostly retreated to the thick forests on the northern side of the Khatsanaras, eventually built up enough forces and retook their homeland in 600AL, forming the Kingdom of Yvabira upon succeeding. The major ethnic group here are Yvabiran. They are allied with Nhorcea, are neutral with Alacas and Ayrsi, and are distrusting of Batylir. They mostly export iron, timber, hide, wool, and Yvabiran Green pigment.

Military and Art

Yvabira's victory against the Dunian Empire was thanks in large part to the veriheratu warriors that complemented the local militia forces. Veriheratu are elite warriors blessed by druids who fight alongside animal companions, using guerrilla tactics against enemy encampments to create opportunities for the main forces to attack. Common architectural features include multi-tiered rooftops, decorative wooden exteriors, and groves of sculpted plants, and common artforms include woodworking, hunting festivals, and woodwind instruments.