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Culture and Locations

Asshor is a kingdom in northeastern Remdor. It is ruled by a mystic king and its main religion is Mysticism, which dictates that the heavens contain all the answers to life's problems. Asshor also has a presence of followers of the Red Temple (Abadorian Creed), which believes in a dichotomy of powers -- of good versus evil forces -- and this belief mostly originates from the fact that Red Temple was the heart of early Vastion culture after the Darkness. They are typically seen as self-righteous, believing that they know the answers to complex problems, or can find them simply by observing the heavens. The capital is Leruzin.

Asshor is mostly taiga but has some temperate forest along its southern and eastern shores. The Taiva flows through Vorgebar and Wheniat. Its shores meet the Ambelia Ocean.

Demonym: Asshorian, Asshorians

Population: 7,400,000

  • Asshor Kingdom
    • Birash Ostridom
      • Leruzin, capital, 68,000
    • Valya Ostridom
      • Vheniash, 34,000
    • Amikhash Ostridom
      • Krasash, 27,000
    • Gajhar Ostridom
      • Birenzir, 14,000

History and Relations

Asshor was founded back in 300AL by a mix of Vastins and the people of the mystic Kyrass Kingdom who already lived in Harda. Asshor quickly began to grow and expand across Remdor, expanding across most of Harda and Saron by 350AL, but was invaded by the Liigbena Tlarate in 450AL. Asshor lost most of its land but one or two cities in the far north held on, and in 800AL it saw a revival, coming back as a mystic kingdom once more. People in Asshor are mostly from the Xilou and Seleru ethnic groups. They are tense with Sesar and Vyrtdan, and neutral with Nalisiet. They mainly export silver, timber, and hide.

Military and Art

Most unique to Asshor are the crossbowmen ukzen, who are trained in sharpshooting. Common architectural features include minarets, tall towers and buildings, and hill fortresses, and common artforms include woodworking, jewellery, and singing.