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Culture and Locations

Drarus is a princedom in central Remdor. Its main religion is the Remdorian Sect, which teaches people to make sacrifices to avoid suffering and bless others to goodness prosperity. It is a non-theistic religion and tends to allow other religions to coexist with it, provided the values are compatible. Drarians are typically seen as strategic and clever people, finding great joy in outsmarting others. The capital is Kyrdan.

Drarus is mostly temperate forest in the Remdor Basin, with some taiga in the north and dry grassland in the south. The Coral Mountains lie further south, covered in montane forest. The Hossugur flows from here, through Rausrein where it joins with the Rasarun, which flows through Vinshilra and Kyrdan. It is landlocked.

Demonym: Drarian, Drarians

Population: 8,100,000

  • Drarus Princedom
    • Tomarus Vale
      • Kyrdan, capital, 71,000
    • Esharus Vale
      • Vinshilra, 35,000
    • Khahalus Vale
      • Rausrein, 28,000

History and Relations

From about 500AL, most of Remdor was occupied by the Urkadian Tlarate, an unusual time when tlars ruled over Benevans, mystics, and local peoples. When colonists from the Vastin Kingdom arrived and saw the state of Remdor, they began to drive the tlarate away, expanding Benevan culture across most of Remdor. But due to the wide variety of peoples already spread across the land, the colonies soon broke apart into a variety of different kingdoms with different origins. Drarians are mostly made up of ethnic groups from Into and Nor. They are tense with Vyrtdan and Imah, friendly with Sesar, and neutral with Scarcun. They mainly export gold and timber.

Military and Art

Drarus is known for their nortu riders in warfare, making highly effective shock troops that can smash down cavalry lines with no problems. Common architectural features include decorated bridges, tiered fortresses, and tall arches, and common artforms include goldsmithing, painting, and sculpting.