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Culture and Locations

Scarcun people live in a bordered region mostly in the White Desert of western Remdor. They are ruled by a tulan in a chiefdom system. Their main religion is Scarcun Animism, which teaches that all things are alive and have a spirit and equal worth. They are generally seen as hospitable people, and to turn away those in need -- even strangers -- is seen as a rejection of life itself. Their capital is Keitosh, where the tulan lives.

Scarcun is mostly dry grassland with some arid shrubland to the west. The Moutais flows through both its cities and out to the west, joining up with the Whitewater. The Mautava Highlands lie to the south. It is landlocked.

Demonym: Scarcun, Scarcuns

Population: 800,000

  • Scarcun
    • Keitosh, capital, 23,000
    • Mohanshar, 11,000

History and Relations

Scarcuns have lived in this land for two thousands years, and were driven away from fertile lands by the Gnaisor people around 900BD. They have kept to the fringes of Remdor ever since, adapting to the White Desert and sometimes settling in the Mautava Highlands. They pose little military threat to neighbouring countries, and do not have land worth fighting for. They are mostly from the Scarcun ethnic group. Scarcun have a tense relationship with the Monar Kingdom due to a history of invasions and raids, are neutral toward Kinohs, Imah, and the Vyrtdan Kingdom and Drarus Princedom. They have no major exports.

Military and Art

Historically, Scarcuns are known for having skilled cavalry archers who excel at scouting and harassing foes, and although this is still often taught to their youths, they are not often employed for fear of aggravating their neighbours. Common architectural features include generational totems, lattices, and compounds made up of four houses facing inward, and common artforms include woodworking and totem-burning festivals.