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Culture and Locations

Haramys is a coastal region ruled by a priest-king with a council of elders and mystics supporting him. Its main religion is Mysticism, which dictates that the heavens contain all the answers to life's problems. The people of Haramys are inquisitive and enjoy making and testing predictions about things. Their capital is Haramuq.

Haramys is mostly semiarid desert and savanna near the southern coast, with dry grassland further inland. The Dimaten River makes up part of its western border, and the eastern border stops at the foothills of the West Fangs. The south shore meets the Karber Sea.

Demonym: Haramys, Haramys

Population: 900,000

  • Haramys
    • Haramuq, capital, 24,000

History and Relations

Haramuq was an ancient city dating back to the Xilou Hoqomer which was destroyed during the Darkness. It was rebuilt by gathering mystics in about 450AL. The Benevan kingdoms avoided the area due to the proximity with Karithians, and so they were left alone to begin their own civilisation. They descend from ancient Xilou and Qarara ethnic groups. They are neutral toward Benevis, see Envou and Surutes as mystic brethren, are not concerned with Karithians, and trade with Mvecho and Vastin for goods from Tuaram. Their primary export is marble.

Military and Art

Haramys are mainly known for their ukzen who practice dual wielding weaponry. As with all ukzen, their duty is to protect sacred mystic sites and their followers. Common architectural features include buildings carved from stone, columns, and shadowy streets, and their main artforms include weaving and jewellery.