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Culture and Locations

Mvecho is an island kingdom in the Karber Sea. They are ruled by a tzoil king, who justifies their validity and authority through the Ma Tu religion, which teaches that the people should be utterly obedient toward whoever is ruling. They believe in a free market, as they act as a sea trade hub between Benevis, Tuaram, and Qarbak. They also cooperate with the East Tuaram Company. Their capital is Beda Sha.

Mvecho is mostly savanna with some tropical rainforest along its eastern shore and semiarid desert along the western shore. The Homeho River flows through Beda Sha, and the Tvtk Sea lies to the north of the island. To the west is the Karber Sea. Lorar Island is found to the north, near Haramys.

Demonym: Ma Tu, Ma Tu

Population: 3,500,000

  • Mvecho Kingdom
    • Beda Sha, capital, 47,000

History and Relations

The Mvecho Kingdom grew to prominence around 600AL when traders from Benevis started using the Diamond Route. They made deals with Owngatho and Wayinzo to secure trade with Tuaram, and have used this wealth to grow ever since. Ethnic groups in Mvecho come mainly from the Seleru and Qarara peoples. They are friendly with Haramys, and trade with the Vastin kingdom. Their main export is glass.

Military and Art

Mvecho prefers to utilise agents rather than have a standing military force. Cobra agents go undercover and are cunning and highly literate, learning about what's happening in every neighbouring civilisation to stay informed and acquire material for blackmail if needed. They are rumoured to possess glass daggers that are extremely sharp but the blade breaks off once entering someone's body. Common architectural features in Mvecho include obelisks and bazaars, and common artforms include festivals, music, and glassblowing.