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Culture and Locations

Hmou is a region ruled by a priest-king with a council of mystics supporting him. Its main religion is Mysticism, which dictates that the heavens contain all the answers to life's problems. The people of Hmou are highly diligent, constantly trying to improve in a hostile and dangerous land. Their capital is Sesofu.

Hmou is mostly semiarid desert and savanna, and the Kimaho River flows from its northern hills. The Hmou Grasslands make up most of the southern region.

Demonym: Hmou, Hmou

Population: 500,000

  • Hmou
    • Sesofu, capital, 18,000

Military and Relations

The Hmou Empire came to power around 700AL as mystics gathered in larger and larger numbers, bringing trade and business opportunities from mystic pilgrims. The Mbokecho Empire swept across Hmou some hundred years ago but mostly withdrew when they saw that the Hmou were more or less restricted to one city and the surrounding grasslands. The people of Hmou are a mix of native Hanjare and ancient Xilou ethnic groups. They are hostile toward Mbokecho, neutral toward Shcholi and Onzigho, and actively enslave Kinohi and Bihi to sell to those north of the Ebere Desert. They mainly export slaves.

Military and Art

Hmou is known for their ukzen who are highly mobile and are trained to scout enemies approaching from afar. They avoid conflict and prefer to use information to avoid danger. Their main architectural feature are minarets, and common artforms include bead-working and dance.