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Culture and Locations

Onzhigo is a large coastal city-state which is ruled by a divine warlord. This warlord chooses one of the gods from the Muk Ra religion, and his rule depends on how the people interpret the relationship between the warlord and the god. Shcholi favours the god of the afterlife, which means the city-state employs fearless soldiers to expand its borders and influence. The people here see life as fleeting, and will happily die in combat after slaying their enemies to be with their god. Their capital is Kobehiha.

Onzhigo has a tropical rainforest coastline with subtropical rainforest and wooded savanna further inland, and savanna at the northern end. Its eastern border is mostly made up of the Nzandyi hills, and it faces southwest toward the Ambelia Ocean. Its two largest rivers are the Igoga which flows through Kobehiha, and the Biqase which flows through Jeche.

Demonym: Onzhigo, Onzhigo

Population: 1,700,000

  • Onzigho
    • Kobehiha, capital, 33,000

History and Relations

Onzhigo broke away from Shcholi control as a warlord in Kobehiha suddenly gained a massive number of followers from the Muk Ra religion. They have been expanding eastward ever since. The ethnic groups here are mainly Hanjare and ancient Xilou. They are at war with Shcholi over the western Hmboko Basin, enslave the Bihi, are hostile towards the Mbokecho Empire, and are neutral toward Hmou. They mainly export gold, wildlife, and slaves.

Military and Art

Onzhigo warriors are known to enter a berserk rage when faced with poor odds, slaying as many foes as possible, instilling fear into their hearts before fighting to the death to earn a place with their gods. They also employ other fear tactics such as keeping enemies awake at night with ominous sounds or dressing up as demons. Common architectural features include domes and minarets and common artforms include hunting and woodcarving.