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For the history of these people, see Into History.

Inoti Region

Ngara Tlarate

Minor Tlarates: Angilun, Hlisitl

Minor Peoples: Kalaqan, Liigba, Maha, Ngulan

Morunwan Cultures

Morunwa Tlarate

Minor Tlarates: Agbakpwas, Anykwas

City-State Tlarates: Hiigwbas, Akpzas

Progoran Cultures

City-State of Liara

Tlarate of Sitahs

Civilisations: Tsachuni, Sepriki, Sarshi, Azichli, Chaye

Minor Peoples: Xhade, Axhykeli, Gnaisor, Lo, Rironlo


Into people appear to have their own coins called trorin, but will only barter goods with outsiders. Livestock appear to be used as currency as well.