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Culture and Locations

Owngatho is a coastal civilisation in eastern Jadar. They are ruled by a tzoil king, who justifies their validity and authority through the Ma Tu religion, which teaches that the people should be utterly obedient toward whoever is ruling. They are aspirational people, looking up to civilisations like Mvecho for inspiration on how to be. Their capital is Jwanahalo.

Owngatho has a mostly savanna coastline with wooded savanna and subtropical rainforest further inland. It is backed against the Hills of the Horn and its eastern shore meets the Diamond Sea. The Nechi River flows through Nayimije and the Jolihido makes the southern border with Wayinzo.

Demonym: Owngatho, Owngatho

Population: 800,000

  • Owngatho
    • Jwanahalo, capital, 22,000

History and Relations

These peoples came together and formed a civilisation with the help of the Mvecho Kingdom, which brought technologies in for Owngatho to consolidate and grow. They came together officially around 850AL. The people here are mainly Hanjare. They are in agreements with Mvecho, are allied with Wayinzo, and enslave the Nacha people. They mainly export slaves and gold, and trade with the East Tuaram Company.

Military and Art

Owngatho are known for their cheetah warriors, fast and light infantry who excel in tracking and are said to be able to tame animals with their voices. They are mainly architecturally known for their obelisks, and most commonly partake in weaving.